For so many years we have all struggled with our food choices.  How many of us really know what to eat and what not to eat.   There is a secret to healthy eating that is often not realized.  Your cells will decide if you have had enough yo eat without you even thinking about it.   The secret to successful dieting is that if you eat a plate of steamed organic veggies or add a piece of natural organic chicken, the message to the cell is that is good, I feel full, I have all that I need, and you will not overeat because what happens in the brain is that you get a satisfied signal.  If you eat junk food your message will be short lived and the cell will say,  I feel great!  for about 20 minutes and then start craving again.   The nutrition is just not there, the message is so different and you will need to keep on eating and eating and the cell will never get the raw material that it needs to reproduce itself.  In fact most cells are starving to death with the toxic and dead foods that we push into our mouths and don’t even think about.   Beautiful foods produce beautiful people and each of us makes a choice with every mouthful of food and drink.   As we grow older w must even more pay attention as our diet requires more enzymes.  We loose 10% of our enzyme bank with each 10 yrs. of life.  Master your diet choices, master you’re diet!  Live long and vibrantly healthy


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