Good morning!  This is about Coffee, the good, the good the bad and the unbelievable!   I have a young friend who is handy capped, he is always saying to me, Jenny I love coffee!   I know that it has a lot of negative effects on his health, however, he does get a kick from it and his world is so limited.  In fact the handy capped need a little perk.  All of the stuff I have read and know about the negative effects of coffee are out of  the window with him, simply because the BIG picture is that he needs this.  Imagine not having much of anything else, not a lot of friends, not a lot of vices, so he just wants to get a BIG cup of strong coffee!   After many years of touting the negative side of coffee I finally realize that it is about balance.  My solution for those who are complete jitterbugs on coffee and do more than a cup a day is to try a cup of hot chocolate.  Only 5% caffeine!!! A big ah ha! moment is allowed here. Also, cocoa in natural form is an super antioxidant so get the pure organic roasted chocolate and try something for a change.  Get some rice milk or almond milk organic (of course) and put 2 cups on the stove.   Add 1 – 2 tablespoons of the cocoa and (no sugar needed with almond milk.  (no artificial sweeteners, no! no! no!)   This is natural hedonism OK?


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  1. Tip for coffee lovers: After coffee, have a piece 0f dark chocolate.

    Cocoa is alkaline, and it neutralizes the acidity of coffee. It stops and prevents the jitters. You remain alert and feel calm. The jitters is caused by the acids in coffee, not the caffeine.

    During the day, you can have hot chocolate between coffees. And have some chocolate or hot chocolate before bed. Great recipe above.

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