Follow the sun, we really need it.  It is a medical fact that sunlight, what I call vitamin S (the sun)  enables your body to produce vitamin D.  Just recently vast amounts of evidence and research has proves we are suffering from the lack of natures precious most precious gift the sun.
Researchers at St. George’s Hospital in London have found that breast tissues produce their own cancer-fighting compound (calcitriol) that destroys breast cancer tumors. In order to make calcitriol, however, tissues in the breast need Vitamin D, and the best way to get Vitamin D is to expose your skin to natural sunlight. In other words, the research is finding that the human body can cure cancer all by itself, but only if it has the raw materials available.
People have been brainwashed into thinking the sun is evil. They’ve been told to cover up their skin and to avoid being exposed to natural sunlight. They’ve coated themselves with sunscreens (which contain massive amounts of toxic chemicals), and taken extreme measures to avoid sunlight. This advice, however, has turned out to be completely wrong. Natural sunlight is absolutely essential for good health, and without it, you are far more susceptible to cancer, depression, obesity, osteoporosis and many other diseases. Sunlight is a natural cure that helps the body maintain a high state of health.
But what about sunburns, you ask? I speak from experience on this issue: people are only susceptible to sunburns when they have nutritional deficiencies caused by consuming soft drinks, processed foods, white flour, refined sugars, and other similar substances. A person on the standard American diet receives a sunburn very easily. But if that same person follows a sound diet for several months, avoids all processed foods and supplements their diet with nutritional supplements and superfoods, they will not burn their skin in the sunlight.
On the Vitamin D issue, deficiencies in this vitamin are widespread. As a result, perhaps tens of millions of men die by a completely avoidable disease: prostate cancer.  Those who take Vitamin D from cod liver oil or natural sunlight will have a much lesser chance of  experiencing prostate cancer.  In Breast cancer and osteoporosis: both diseases are entirely preventable, and sunlight is one of the keys to prevent these diseases.

Many doctors are still telling their patients to stay out of the sun. and the truth is that the sun that holds the cure to many diseases now considered epidemic in the Western world. We need more sunshine, not less, and while there is certainly such a thing as too much sunshine in one setting, the fact is that almost nobody living in modern cities gets even the minimum daily requirement of sunshine.
By the way, this is even more true for people who have darker skin. Those of African descent are especially prone to Vitamin D deficiencies since their skin naturally blocks a significant portion of sunlight radiation. That’s why black men have a much higher rate of prostate cancer than white men. Furthermore, black men who live in Northern climates (like London or Canada, for example) have it even worse: it’s virtually impossible for them to get enough Vitamin D since there’s not much sun to be found where they live. (Keep in mind: dark skin was an adaptation for people living near the equator, where sunshine is far more powerful.)
Back to the research.  Modern medicine is now finding that the body cures its own cancer if given the raw ingredients it needs. Breast tissues have their own miniature chemotherapy factories,  and if a tumor appears, they fight it off before it can ever be diagnosed by a mammogram. Truly, the human body is a miracle of nature, and your body knows how to cure cancer on its own. If you want to be free of breast cancer, simply feed your body the nutrition it needs to invoke its own innate healing abilities.


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