About Jenny Cohen

Jenny Cohen is a HHP, Holistic Health Practitioner,  Nutritionist, Aromatherapist and Entertaining public speaker.    For over 23 years she has consulted hundreds of people to lead a more healthy life. Twice Jenny have saved my life with Nutrition.  The first time was in the 1980’s while in the Real Estate business.  Overweight tired and sick, I really had to find an answer fast I was given a chance to be healthy again by  attending a classes in San Francisco on eating healthy and  as a result recovered my health and vitality through a basic understanding that food is a medicine and medicine is a food.   For the past 4 years I have been researching natural remedies for the prevention of cancer and ways to serve the many who are now challenged.    My new venture is to coach young people who do not know about raw food preparation and fast food preparation to make healthy dinners in 10 minutes or less.    I believe that Health lives in your kitchen!
Born in England. She left on a sailboat to The New World.   Her adventures always bring her back  to nature and her love of animals and natural ways of living. As an expert in diet health, and nutrition and aromatherapy. Currently working on a book about why diets fail and nature wins!  Jenny is also a professional speaker.  She lives her dream in the Southern California and spends time writing coaching and cooking up new secrets for a healthier and happier life for herself and her private clients.


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