Good morning!  This is about Coffee, the good, the good the bad and the unbelievable!   I have a young friend who is handy capped, he is always saying to me, Jenny I love coffee!   I know that it has a lot of negative effects on his health, however, he does get a kick from it and his world is so limited.  In fact the handy capped need a little perk.  All of the stuff I have read and know about the negative effects of coffee are out of  the window with him, simply because the BIG picture is that he needs this.  Imagine not having much of anything else, not a lot of friends, not a lot of vices, so he just wants to get a BIG cup of strong coffee!   After many years of touting the negative side of coffee I finally realize that it is about balance.  My solution for those who are complete jitterbugs on coffee and do more than a cup a day is to try a cup of hot chocolate.  Only 5% caffeine!!! A big ah ha! moment is allowed here. Also, cocoa in natural form is an super antioxidant so get the pure organic roasted chocolate and try something for a change.  Get some rice milk or almond milk organic (of course) and put 2 cups on the stove.   Add 1 – 2 tablespoons of the cocoa and (no sugar needed with almond milk.  (no artificial sweeteners, no! no! no!)   This is natural hedonism OK?


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#1 DINNER IN 10 mins or less!

Whats for dinner?    A main meal to save you time, money and hassle and help you relax after your day.

Here is something I cooked up last night.  Buy a packages of falafel mix.  (vegetarian)  One very fresh organic egg. Mix in a bowl with 1/2 cup of water.  Let set.  Make into balls and put into a skillet.   Recommend you use coconut oil and it won’t burn even if the kids need attention. Turn them when they get brown and both sides will look delicious.  As they are browning.  Grab a bunch of greens, spinach, broccoli  florets, asparagus.  Be aware what is fresh and well priced for the day.  Slice very thin a few pieces of red onion.  (depending on taste) you don’t have to add onion.  remember these are the (no lettuce salads) we are training your taste buds to eat raw no  lettuce OK? Red pepper is wonderful sliced thin also.  You can also sprinkle some crumbled goat cheese to finish off.  No tomatoes (hard to digest)  Get a half cup of plain (natural organic Yogurt to add as dressing)  Place your HOT falafel’s on top of your lean and green for life salad.  Fast and delicious and easy on the tummy!  Let me know how you like this one OK?

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Getting to Sleep?

It is night time here at the Lake and I am just thinking about bed.  The days are warm and sunny in southern California, however, most of us have been and are challenged by life’s ups and downs.  Whatever the stess level you think you have it is registering on the inside and will build up if we don’t take care.

Because healing and cell re-juvenation takes place when we are resting some people miss the importance of getting to sleep.  Here are a few of a 100 tips that I can give anyone who suffers with insomnia and just regular waking during the night.   Take a HOT shower and do some self healing warm water jets.   For most of us, a shower is just a habit.  Turn your’s into conscious water therapy.  Get a  filter for your shower,  costs $100/year to replace and you will not be injesting clorine and poisening yourself as it vaporises in the warm shower.    Get a ton of double strength camamile tea.  Make a big pot and take it to the bedroom.   Do no have a television in your bedroom keep this space as a sacred sleeping space.   Make sure you have music and I don’t mean rock music.  Some wonderful CD’s are available for you to get to sleep.

Something I researched a few years ago is light.  If you seep with any kind of light and especially a night light your brain will stop producing melatonin.  This is very bad and contrary to the night light comfort is a super disturbance of the brains ability to calm down.  If your children are hyperactive, please take the l ight from the room.  Don’t leave a hallway light on or anything.   We were supposed to sleep in darkness the divine plan made it that way.  This will help ADD c hildren and really afffect elderly with their sleeping disorders.

There are a variety of different aromatherapies that I have experimened with and the most effective and guaranteed ones are the ones you injest.  This is a learned skill and you must consult an expert in Aromatheray to get the right dosage, but it is one of the most effective and guaranteed ways to get to sleep quickly.

Do not eat afte 7 at night as you will keep your body from rest.   The stomach needs to be given a break and, you may not have thought about this , but it takes tremendous healing energy to digest a late meal and so how can you rest?   I actually know people who drink coffee before bed and I cannot imagine how this habit was born.   Caffein is indeed a drug.   A small cup in the a.m. make help you, but any late at nght coffee drinkers will suffer with mood swings and depression.   Lot’s of research here for what we call in the biz “The Caffein Blues”

Get a hot water bottle for your feet it works evey time.  Unless i tis really hot get a cover for it or cover it and where a pair of bed socks!   The old fashioned way this worked for me in minus 5 degrees in London this winter. It is comforting and sends a signal to the brain that all is OK!

A warm glass of soy or I prefer rice milk just before retiring.  Not hot just very warm.   You will see it will calm you dand allow your body to signal it is time to Get To Sleep.

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FORGET THE DIET!  Surprise five star watercress salad for your weekend.

1.  Bunch of organic Watercress.  Take off the green stalks put in bowl.

2.  Add broccoli heads for more bulk.

3.  Add a handful of cranberries and slice thin an organic pear (important)

4.  Drizzle organic rasberry vinegarette (lime vinagerette) on top.

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For so many years we have all struggled with our food choices.  How many of us really know what to eat and what not to eat.   There is a secret to healthy eating that is often not realized.  Your cells will decide if you have had enough yo eat without you even thinking about it.   The secret to successful dieting is that if you eat a plate of steamed organic veggies or add a piece of natural organic chicken, the message to the cell is that is good, I feel full, I have all that I need, and you will not overeat because what happens in the brain is that you get a satisfied signal.  If you eat junk food your message will be short lived and the cell will say,  I feel great!  for about 20 minutes and then start craving again.   The nutrition is just not there, the message is so different and you will need to keep on eating and eating and the cell will never get the raw material that it needs to reproduce itself.  In fact most cells are starving to death with the toxic and dead foods that we push into our mouths and don’t even think about.   Beautiful foods produce beautiful people and each of us makes a choice with every mouthful of food and drink.   As we grow older w must even more pay attention as our diet requires more enzymes.  We loose 10% of our enzyme bank with each 10 yrs. of life.  Master your diet choices, master you’re diet!  Live long and vibrantly healthy

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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